Hello guys, my name is Amir from Naturowood group. A Process Chemical Engineer from Western Australia. I am a worrier about the future of the earth, about the future of my child and about the future of our next generation.

Probably all of you have heard about the climate change and the global warming on news and some of these question may have come to your mind:

  • What’s the cause of global warming?
  • Why it’s happening?
  • How could we fix this problem?

And the last one:

  • Is there any plan B? Other planet?
    • Of course not.

We have already produce and emit too much CO2 in atmosphere which is the main cause of global warming:

As you can see on the diagram above, Sunlight enters the atmosphere as ultraviolet and visible light. Some of this solar energy is then radiated back as infrared energy or heat, but instead of backing toward the space, these reflected energy is absorbed by CO2 and re-emit towards earth and the result is global warming.

What is the solution?

One way is to capture the released CO2 . But I believe this way is not feasible at all, and if somebody wants to do it, this process require more energy and apparently emit more CO2 into atmosphere than the amount that it could capture. The best and reasonable way to capture the CO2 is the natural way by growing trees and preserve our forest.

We could fix this big problem by reducing CO2 emission into atmosphere especially by reducing burning fuel and use more sustainable method to generate energy, but it’s not as easy! I believe it’s possible but we need suitable tools.

No matter where you are from, all of us are in the same boat and it’s a tough time at the moment for our earth, I’m saying our earth because it’s for all of us and we should protect it. Everyone can save it somehow, I remember when I was a kid I used to visit my grandmother almost every day and I would do some shopping for her and also she gave me some money to buy stuff like ice-cream for myself. She had some nice fabric bags and I would use them for shopping and had never used any plastic bags. I don’t know when and why we get attached this much to the plastic bag. It looks inconvenient at first to avoid using the plastic bag, but we could start to reduce the usage of them just by replacing them with fabric bags. We could reduce the CO2 emission a lot by this simple thing.

Here in Naturowood I want to make it possible to produce clean and affordable energy. My main goal is to run a car with zero emission of CO2. No emission to generate the electricity and none to manufacture the battery, since making these two elements is the main source of CO2 emission.

How it’s possible? I’m using wasted hydrocarbon such as plastic bottles and papers to produce synthetic hydrogen and carbon without any emission. Then burn the hydrogen in a hydrogen cell to generate electricity.

What about carbon?

My main aim to use carbon for producing a valuable product.

We will need a kind of battery to storage electricity properly. At the moment the Lithium-ion battery in the market is the most efficient battery to store electricity, but they are not perfect. These kind of batteries are not disposable in nature and unfortunately after a while we should change them and replace with a new one. Lithium mining is not clean as well and produce too much pollution at the first stage, so if we think about the overall reduction of CO2 we will find out that based on the life cycle of a lithium ion battery, it doesn’t have much effect to save the earth from global warming.

Lithium-ion battery is not as efficient and affordable as the high-tech materials such as graphene.

I want to use carbon to produce graphene which is the same material but different allotrope. It’s in fact two-dimensional graphite with just one layer of atom. If we produce this material commercially and affordable, it may impact on too many industries and the battery is one of them.

Graphene battery has five times more energy density than the best lithium-ion battery, 400 charge/discharge cycles without any loss of their capacity. It’s safer and there is no risk of explosion. It’s fast to fully charge a graphene battery and last but not least: graphene battery is disposable and doesn’t cause any damage to the environment to produce and dispose it.


My first goal is to develop an affordable industrial method to produce graphene commercially, but it’s not possible without any support. I am eager to achieve this goal in two years and that’s the beginning of our attempt to save our earth.

Valuable researches have been done in this regards and I would employ them to design an industrial process. I have worked as a process engineer in main industries for 14 years and I’m expert in many different processes if we look back we could find that the most successful usage of high technology and modern material were applied and brought to industry by a team from industry and not only by the researchers.

This is a major project and an important step to achieve cleaner environment. I highly believe in this project and need your support to start my project as soon as possible.

How to support me?

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